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Monday, November 19, 2012

Some Blogger Who Needs More Views..

One of my friends has a blog, it is VERY cool! Eva loves her blog too! Eva is now a " Follower" of this pawesome blog. But there is one sad thing about this blog. Not many people have " Followed" her blog, she needs more views. I would like you to do something for me! Could you maybe " Follow" her blog?
Or at least READ her blog? Don't worry, her blog is clean, there is no bad words! Also, her blog is called " Them Christian Gals". Some posts she does teach us lessons, and she sometimes puts in Bible verses. I'm going to name some of the posts: " Quiz: Hope in God" , " Praying, Is It Worth It? . As you can see this looks like a cool blog! Here is the link, you HAVE to check it out!
                                             Please click the link.
                                      PLEASE PLEASE please!!
                                                     Why aren't you clicking it!?!?!
                                                  ~ Abby .k.


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