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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This post will be about me complaining about the weather

I told myself I shouldn't do this. Telling you how cold it is over here, and how no one wants to take Eva out. Thankfully we have a back yard, and when it's too cold to give her a walk, we just let her in our backyard. Eva likes stealing my glove, and  " Killing" it. Poor glove! Also, we said we would give Eva a " Christmas" bath, because she needed one, but that never happened, and still hasn't happened. Even though it's cold outside, I am thankful I have a warm house and a dog to hug when I'm cold. I don't know how anyone could survive in this weather outside, I don't think I could live a day completely outside in this weather. So I guess you should be thankful for the house you have, and that you are in a place tonight! OH NO! Think about the poor lonely dogs in this cold weather.. Wait, please don't think about that, it's too sad!
Eva likes the snow, ~ Abby ca.K.e


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