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Monday, December 23, 2013

Our tree is small

What type of Christmas tree to you have? A real one? A fake one with snow? A big fat one? Or one of those " Perfect" Christmas trees? OR, do you not even have a tree?
We once had a big tree, and almost every year we would put it in my room! But one year on boxing day, mom and dad decided we should get a smaller tree. There was a small tree on sale, so we got it. I am taller than this tree! Why did we get a smaller tree? Because we wanted more place for other things.
 Even though I miss our big tree, we don't really NEED a big tree. Why do most people think Bigger is better? Some things are nice small, but I have nothing against having a big fat tree, I love those!
I think the miniature Christmas trees are sooo cute, I would be fine with a small SMALL tree. For me having a Christmas tree is just something fun to have during Christmas, but if you don't have a tree, that won't stop you from celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.
Abby ca.K.e


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