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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Party

WE didn't realy party on the weekend, but we did celabrate Esther's birthday on Monday. ( Don't worry you did not miss her birthday, its on Sept, 5th.
                                                    It was windy and Eva was cute

                                          Don't worry, she has water.


                                                For Esther's family party we went mini golf glow thingy
                                             I put the flash on, thats the only way the camera will pick it up.
                                                 Really this is very dark and everything is glowing


                                               Wait till you see its Mama!
                                                          You're sure crabby today!
                                                            ( this is what it looks like without the flash)
                                                          Here's the mom shark, don't want to mess with her!

RRUUUUN! ( run)
 I hoped you enjoyed what we did on the weekend,
This week everything is starting, and SCHOOL, but be thankful. some poeple on Africa can't even count to 0!
Abby .k.


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