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Thursday, August 9, 2012

WHY is my name Eva?

Have I ever told you how I got my name Eva? If I have then you can just skip this post, but it is kinda cool.
When I was a little puppy, I got the name Eve ( I think becuase they liked the movie Wall-E)
When Esther came, she named me Eva, BECAUSE:
1. Eve is kinda a dark sad name like this : Eve walked in the moon light:
2. Eve kinda sounds like Steve and I would be confused if Esther was calling me or Steve.
Don't you like Eva? I think it sounds happy, Abby told me that her dream dog name used to be Kim,
but because she named her Build-A-Bear that, Eva is not her dream dog name! ( YAY)
Sorry that I kinda let Abby take over the blog, Esther hurt her foot, and I have to follow her around to
make sure she does not get even MORE hurt. ( In return SHE GROOMS ME!)
WAIT! Janice just said that I got my name because of this : ( Janice is writing this part not me)
When I first came to the Koepnicks I was very nervous and scared.  We had a long van ride
from the country.  I threw up in the van.  When I got out of the van I ran under it and hid.
Steve needed a two sylable word to call so he said,"EEE-VAAAA", it came out like that.
The Koepnicks thought maybe they would have lots of trouble with me because I was so shy,
but Esther knew what to do.  I mostly love other people and dogs know and I don't throw up much.
Everyone in the family plays with me and I am surrounded by love and care.
I lick away all their troubles!
All of the Koepnicks have names that can be pronounced easily in Spanish ( except Janice) so the
name Eva works for that too.

Licks And Wags, Eva


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