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Thursday, June 28, 2012

All I want to do is....... SMILE

Today when I was walking the dog, I saw a school bus driving by. I looked at them with a smile saying
" I am happy that I don't have to go to school" MWHAHAHAHA! And they looked back at me with ENVY ( heheheheheMWAhahahaha) ( Eva was going pooh so she did not see all of this) Right now all I want to do ( besides cooking, crafting,telling Eva she is cute, chatting on skype) is two things, 1. smile at people on the school bus and making them want to home school,( Its Its a joke OKAY?)  2. Talk about .....
Disneyland that is all I want to talk about, it will be a dream come true when I go.................And I get to
go with my very special coconut family (yes That means Grandma and Grandpa, my cousins, my Auntie and Uncle, my other Auntie) Yes you all are coconuts and you need to be HAPPY! So we will be going to Disneyland in October ( I think) but I need to make some money to spend there ( also I want to go somewhere out of Disneyland  I want to go to hobbylobby a craft store) And maybe chinatown????
But thats just a maybe. The only sad thing about going to Disneyland is, Eva can't go. Eva can not go.
WAAA! But we have a friend who Eva loves and she will be happy there.
BYE! Abby .k.


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