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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


A long time ago when I was at Walmart drooling over all the wonderful toys, I saw something.
Crayola Dream Bakery, Charming Cookies. With, Model Magic. I have used some of there products and I have really liked them, and I like making pretend sweets. I took this wonderful box off the shelf and asked mom, " Mom can you buy this for my reading prize?". She said YES. So I did my reading bla bla bla,

and I got to open this set up. I LOVED it. I made many cookies because I bought some more Model Magic when I ran out of the colours that came with the set. ( it is a molding clay) Here are some photos of thees yummy real cookies. One more thing, on some of the cookies I made my own decorating fake icing and stuff, the kit does not come with all this stuff. And one thing I really like about the cookies is that you can give some to your friends!
                                         This is what the box looks like.

                                        Too blurry.
                                        Remember, click on a photo to see it up close.
                                          The back of the box.
                                              Did someone say, " Coconut?"

             BYE! Abby .k. xox


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