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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday  Steve, Esther and Abby went somewhere, and I tried to come with them.
                                              I-I want to-to c-come pwease?.
Sadly I could not come, but I found some photos that Abby took from where they went.

                                              Is this a jaw?!
                                             I have no idea what type of eggs thees are.

                                           My mom looks so beautiful Right?
 When they came home, I sat on Steve's lap.

                                           And I was cute. Then it rained... and rained... Then the family went somewhere
                                            and I found more photos ....

                                                  WHAT IS ABBY DOING!?!?!?!?!?
                                                 I want to lap that up.
                                          Remember, click on a photo to see it up close.
                                      A heart, I heart all of you!
                                           When they came home, they cleaned up, then read, then went to bed.
                                       Today, Abby and Janice walked me, and Abby took thees photos.

                                              Remember, click on a photo to see it up close.
Well I have to go be cute,
Licks and Wags, Eva.


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