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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My house is a Castle and.......

Before I start this post I will tell you why I have not been blogging. It is not that I have been busy but,
my computer had a virus and we had to take it somewhere, and mom's computer also had to be taken somewhere. SO all of us where fighting over Esther's computer. And I  got half an  hour  to be on the computer. ( What was I doing? I was looking on this vegan dessert blog that is very good soon there will be a post about that)                              Now to the blog post.
My house is  castle, it creaks when you go into the dungeon and in that it is horrifying! We have a normal dinner room and the chef's share a kitchen, but hmmm lets see AH! Here is a medieval bench!
We have messy rooms but, The top of the castle no one must enter not even the pet cutie is aloud here.
What is it? Well there is two parts of it, one is Abby's evil craft liar MWAHAHAHA, the other is THE MATH ROOM! OH WHAT HORROR! You know, I went through great danger putting these photos up,
they are photos of our house.

                                               Going into the deep dungeon.
Medieval bench.

                                                         The stairs that lead up to my lair.

This is going to be a longer blog post because I am behind in blogging.
Our family ties to eat healthy, sometimes we don't follow that. And secretly I want to become a healthy vegan, maybe when I'm older just maybe.....
Remember when Esther used to make desserts? She still does but she makes then healthy ( and sometimes vegan) and there is a blog that she reads called   "chocolatecoveredkatie".  I think you can tell that this person does a blog about chocolate, recipes that have chocolate ( healthy chocolate or sweet desserts)
This is a girl who does this blog and her name is Katie. I like looking at all the yummy deserts, and making them with Esther. Here is the link to her blog if you want to see what I am using my computer time for. .
BYE! Abby .k. xox


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