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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Remember me saying our family is kinda healthy? Well I have to take that back, because dad bought Nutella
at the store. And because there is a LOT of sugar in it, it is hard not to put down your spoon. ( but I am trying not to eat it but it is like beer to me, it is addicting and making your hyper ).Nutella tastes good on a banana, bread or just plain right out of the jar! Sadly Eva can not have Nutella because of the chocolate.
Speaking of Eva..
Yesterday we took Eva to the park ( in the morning because we're home schooled)
and Eva was being very crazy and pulling at the leash, SO I asked Esther if she could let Eva off leach in the baseball bowl thingy, Esther said yes. So Esther took the leash off Eva and she RAN and rolled on the grass
and sneezed, ( and repeated what I just told you) but after a while, Eva ran to one of the baseball Diamonds
( before I tell you more it had just rained just night so there was water and it was as deep as a lemon)
Eva ran and got the the water, " Eva Eva come NO come here Eva" Esther and I called her but she was being a diva. Eva ran into the water and lapped some of the water and ran in it and she got all dirty and wet.
Have a great day,
Abby .k. ( Wait the blog post needs some photos of Nutella)

                                              soon I will get a heart cookie cutter.
                                        This is what I look like in the morning.



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