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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No candy for me this Halloween *CONTINUED*

If you have not read my post " No candy for me this Halloween" you MUST read that first before you read this post. Don't worry, I'll wait right here and talk about something else when you're gone.
Do you like pie? I only like the crust of pies, unless it is peanut putter pie. Yes, we are talking random until the reader comes back....
Now, the reader who was reading " No candy for me this Halloween" should be back by now, so we can get back to the post.  You thought I was LYING??? WHAT?!? 
                                          Well, it is true, I can't have candy for two years, but not because of Eva. It's because of my braces. I can't have too much candy because it is bad for your teeth.  ~ Abby cupca.K.e ( one of my friends brothers gave me the idea, as Abby cupcake.. ;)


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