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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines day 2013!

Today, it is Singles Appreciation day eve ( Or so we call it in my journalism class). YAY TO US SINGLES!! Oh wait, its also Valentines day!!! ( hehehe!)  For breakfast, we had heart shaped cinnamon toast! For lunch, we had soup, with heart shaped carrots!
                                              Yes, I know its blurry, but look how clean Eva's teeth look!
                                             Dad gave mom roses!
                                                  We decorated for Valentines day.
                                            Esther made a cake for a party tonight. It tastes, interesting.
                                         Dad and I made a cake for mom.
                                                      I am so proud of this photo! I love how the raindrops look!
                                          ~ Abby ca.K.e


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