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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crafty Wednesday, PHOTO TIME!

I've been doing lots of crafting lately, I made three cards, but two of them I've already sent out, and forgot to take a photo.
I made two of this card. This is for Valentines day, I love how this turned out because I think the cupcake is cute, and the brown paint on the sides give it a cool effect. The only thing I don't like about this one is, I messed up on the cupcake's face.
                                          If you've been on my PawbucksMiniatures blog, You would have seen these already. These are fake cookie cards. I just love them, the colors just look so perfect together!
   This is another " Fake cookie". They are teapots, with an engraving in the middle. The one on the far left, has a heart, the one on the right, has a girl.

                                          I made a magnet with some of the fake cookies!
                                         I think this is SO SO CUTE! The theme was games.
                                              I'm not sure why I made this, but I love it!
                                             I'm planning to do another magnet, but the theme would be art.
                                  ~ Abby ca.K.e


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