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Friday, August 3, 2012

Everyday I do Crafts ( well I try)

Do you know how to do a craft? ( sewing and painting counts), well I do crafts almost every day!
Right now I am doing felt crafts. ( This is what I'm doing: hand sewing felt to shape like food.)
I also have done some other stuff... But I am not going to take a photo of every craft I do BECAUSE
our camera is a bad dream come true! Eva is really cute, in our garden we have a tomato plant, and whenever Eva goes outside, she barks at the tomatoes

                                            This is the felt cake, Remember to click on a
                                           photo to see it up close.
                                             Doughnut fail!

                                             Ice cream kinda a fail.
                                             This is how big everything is.
                                          Cupcake earings for a friend
                                              Is this MY hair? You have to guess.
                                             ( this is not a wig)!

                                             I hope you enjoyed the photos!
                                              BYE! Abby k


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