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Friday, December 7, 2012

" Gloria Talks".

Today I was going to do a book review, but when I started, I fell asleep.
SO, today is going to be a "Gloria Talks". Please welcome Gloria Winters!
~ I'm out of here ,Abby .k.
                                                 I think you can remember me from AWHILE ago.
                                                Who am I? In LPS city, everyone knows me as fashion expert,
                                                    Actress, and more. You just know me as a plastic toy.
                                           I also help with photo shoots like this one!
                                            ( Yes she IS in real snow)
                                                          I just LOVE Christmas! It is such a lovely time of the year!
                                         This year I'm going to THREE parties next week. Not a lot, I know.
                                                   I was thinking this year to maybe donate money to the animal shelter thingy, just think, dogs like Eva, in a cage! OH IT BREAKS MY HEART!
   I hope you do something helpful this Christmas, and NOT just go to parties all week. ~ Gloria Winters.                                                  


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