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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Try Something New A Day, Episode 7

I know crafty Wednesday isn't here, but I'll try to do another post about that!
                                             Look at this yummy cake. I made it for my grandpa's brother's birthday!
                                            This cake was doing great, it was chocolate. BUT THEN Esther made a mistake. That turned into a sucsess.  Esther decorated the purple part of the cake. Why it is purple?
 Becuase Esther put grapes into the icing. Then I piped whipped cream on top.
 But this is not how to make this cake.
I tried a piece. I HATED the inside. ( this is a three layer cake, and there is a filling inside each layer)
Then I just tried the chocolate cake. WAY TOO DARK FOR ME!
The grape with whipped cream? YUCK! Everyone at the party had two pieces except for me.
~ Grossed out Abby .k.


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