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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sneaky Puppy Does crafty Wednesday..

Abby was too busy doing a review on some cake I can't even eat.  INSTEAD OF CRAFTY WEDNESDAY! SO today I'm going to do it. WUFF WUFF!
                                                      How to make a puzzle piece candy cane- EVA STYLE.
 What you will need:
*Paint brush
* Red and White paint
* Glue gun
*  7 Old puzzle pieces
                                               First take your seven puzzle pieces.  Make the ugly side show.
                                              Then paint four puzzle pieces red, and three white.
                                                 Then let them dry. As we wait for them to dry, turn on your glue gun.
                                                     When you are waiting for that to heat up, bark at a cat or two.
                                                     See that " Put paint here" Thats suppost to say " Put GLUE here".
                                                 My paw made a typing mistake. Take a red piece and put glue at the square.
                                              Then put another red puzzle piece on top of the glue.
                                             Put glue at the green oval. NOT PAINT.
                                           And put a white piece on the glue.
                                               Then put glue on the green oval, and put another red piece on it.
                                                     REMEMBER, to press down.
                                                 Then put glue on the green oval.
                                                       And put a white piece on that.
                                        Put glue on the oval. And put a red piece on that.
                                            This time the piece is making a curve.
                                                    Put glue on the oval.
                                            And put a white piece on that.
                                                              Then you have a candy cane.
                                       Licks and Wags, Eva.



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