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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Video-day

Today is video day. Every week I will try to have a video up on this day.
                                                Justin has a Christmas vlog up!
                                              And this is how to make a mini Christmas ornament.
                                            Now, even though this is NOT my video, and I had nothing to do with it,
                                             I think you will LOVE It!
                                           ~ Abby .- Wait, this post is WAY too short.
                                               My lovely mom bought me this at a Mennonite Museum.
                                              It's a mini sewing machine!
                                                  Also, its a pencil sharpener!
 And it even moves like a sewing mashine.
 ( The needle goes up and down when you turn the wheel!!!)
~ Abby .k.


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