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Monday, April 18, 2011

The titanic Expedition Comes to Winnipeg

When we were given our tickets, we were given a boarding pass with the name of our character,
why they were traveling, with whom, and what class they travelled. The displays showed the first, second, third class where they ate, slept, and smoked. Our pictures were taken and then put with the grand staircase in the background. It was fun to see how the Titanic sank.  I saw a replica of the Titanic sinking.
I put my hand on ice to make an iceprint. I listened to a recording of how people saw it sink. I liked the music.  On a list at the end I saw if I died or not. There was a store at the end, then I went out.
Janice found it interesting that they found money on the bottom of the ocean, including paper bills
that had lasted 99 years.  Of course it is not worth anything. What we give so much time and thought to
in this life is worth absolutely nothing in the next!


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