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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Koepnick Highlights of 2010

'Hello peoples! Want to know the best thing that happened to each of us Koepnicks this year? Keep reading!
I actually had several Great Big Awesone Things happen to me (what can I say, 2010 was a great year for me!) First I passed my Spanish exam in the Spring. I can honestly say I had one of (if not the best) summers of my life this year being part of Annie. In October I had my Quincenera. I had a brief four month stint in Jammin 4 Jesus (CUC's youth choir) which I loved doing.
                                                      Here we are my Quincenera!
                                                    Caroling at Riverwood (our church)(the person with Esther is just someone who was there, not sure who that was?)

From Janice
Esther's quincenera was also a highlight for me and the most meaninful event I have ever been part of, (well besides getting married and giving birth.) was such a blessing to celebrate purity,  the gift that Esther is and  consecrate her life and receive blessings and encouragement from friends and family also.  Other highlights for me were singing with the Adult honor choir in feb. 2010, playing  viola with the Mennonite Community Orchestra in March 2010.
These days I am busy completing certification requirements with Lamaze international to be a childbirth educator.  This is the only childbirth education program that is internationally accredited. I had to write my own course, which is 67 different assigned topics and each has its own activity, handout, demonstration,or creative way of teaching.This course has been reviewed by the president of LAMAZE.    I will write an exam in april.  Since I still homeschool this is a very busy time. 

Another big change for us is attending Riverwood Community Church.  Some things we like are-
Relates to the culture of our day, creative use of the arts and technology, spritual challenges, and Contemporary music and ideas, where else would you see a video of transformers doing a dance about being transformed on baptism Sunday?  Solid biblical teaching.
My highlight was I WAS in a musical! It was Annie and I was Kate.

Also I got a build-a-bear. Her name is "Kim" and I had so much fun making her.I had one of the best years
 of my life. 
Steve continues to work for Above All Roofing, is teaching a men's class on the men's role in pregnancy, labor and birth, and is assisting me in teaching prenatal classes.  Steve enjoyed organizing our summer block party in June.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey good to know you guys are doing great. It was good to visit in October. The feeding the deer video was cool--did he/she ever come back for more food? No sign of spring anytime soon, but maybe by spring break.

March 1, 2011 at 3:12 PM  
Blogger Janice Koepnick said...

abby said
yes it came back but the second time we didn't give it food

March 1, 2011 at 8:55 PM  

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