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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Alps Imax Movie

The movie was John Harlin whose father died on this mountain.,(the Aiger) climbing it trying to break a world record. His friend told him that the frayed rope would hold, but it didn't, so he fell off the mountain and died.John, his son,  has  always been afraid of it.
He knew he had to face his fears, so he traveled to the Alps with his  wife and daughter.  He found two friends expert mountain climbers, who had climbed it twelve times, to climb the mountain with him.  He falls at several points.....The moie was very exciting, might be scary for kids under 6. My favorite part was when the John went bungee jumping off a a dam high up in the Alps. I, Abby, could understand some of the German in it. I didn't like the part where the scientists go in a long speal about global warming.
Abby Koepnick


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