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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Summer at CUC: SHOWEEK!

 The week we'd all been waiting for. We had spent 100+ hours on this production and showeek had arrived. Tension was at an all-time high when half the cast didn't show up for one of the reheasals. The week started on Sunday. The adult cast(the group I was in) set up the curtains, backdrop, and blackout sheets on Sunday afternoon. There was a break for supper then we did a run-through with makeup, mikes and costumes. A semi dress rehersal.

I had a blast! I had a total of seven costume changes. It would have been fine but the zipper broke on one of my skirts so I was frantically trying to do up my zipper while running upstairs and onstage. Hilarity insued.
The rest of the rehersal went pretty smoothly. There was no practice Monday night.

Tuesday was the last time we would go through the show before having an audience. Our mikes kept cutting out, but technical difficulties are expected. Wednesday was our official dress rehersal. There was a smallish audience, but still, it was an audience! Preparing for the show was a blast! There was foot tapping music in the background, people in homeless costumes, and the Dancing Makeup Artist (yours truly) It was an awsome time to dance, get ready and get hyped up for the show. About half an hour before the show we started warm up games.
Click to watch some of the crazy stuff we did!
I actually danced the heel off one of my shoes :)
The Overture started. The first act had begun. The first act went well (a few mess ups on my part that I won't go into detail) I'm pretty sure the rest of the evening went well. (after the 2nd or 3rd show they all start to blend together) Thursday excitement ran high. Our very first show! I can't decribe the feeling you get when its announced that you're sold out. Yes. We sold out opening night!!!
Once you start a show you enter a dreamworld.You lose yourself for a few hours in a place where people break into song and dance. There's always a happy ending. I loved being part of that and helping to create the magic. Where else will you find dancing servants?
Friday night everyone I knew came. I even got flowers!
Saturday was the hardest day. We had two shows in one day.The first time in the history of CUC the matinee sold out! Saturday night was the hardest and most fun show to do; in my opinion. We were all tired but still had to give it our all. Saturday between shows was pretty awesome. We played games and hung out
I was sitting with some friends chatting when one of the guys ran past "Scramble!" he shouted as he threw a pre-wrapped chocolate turtle in the air. It landed squarely on my lap :)

Saturday night was prank night. We were told to keep stuff to a minimum, nothing to take away from the show or plot. Mom's favorite was me walking across the stage as a servant balancing a tray on my head. During a scene that takes place at the Whitehouse while the cabinet ministers are disscussing the state of the nation us background people are turning pictures up-side down.

Abby's favorite was when the orphans are performing a parody of Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile and she (Abby) comes out in a blonde wig as a Boylan Sister. One my faves was near the end of the show, Miss Hannigan brings the orphans to Mr. Warbucks house and the president is there. She's supposed to sit and gaze at him, but before doing so Candace (who played Hannigan) kissed the President in the cheek! I was standing right next to him and in true servant fashion I ran offstage, grabbed a towel and cleaned his face. (Can't let the president go walking around with a huge red lipstick stain in his cheek can we?)
Can anybody else remember what other pranks there were? Please share in the comment section!
After the last show we had to take down all the sets and put the church back together. Then we had a late night pizza party @ Pizza Hut.
Overall I had one of the most amazing summers of my life with CUC. Thanks to everyone! You were all awesome. I can't wait till 2011!
Love, Esther
To watch the full musical click:


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