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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Imax review: Stormchasers

 This is an Imax review of Stormchasers. It is a awesome movie about weather analysts who chase storms! and tornadoes too. It is a fun movie to watch. it gets 5/5 stars and I rate it G A The G stands for General and the A stands for AWSOME MOVIE!!!!!
The movie documents a little of what a stormchasers' day is like. To find out about hurricanes a special plane flies right into the eye of the storm to get readings. They they do a drop-son into the storm for more accurate readings.
Some scientists chase tornadoes. They try to get close-but not too close so they can record data about tornadoes, in hope of better understanding them.
This is a fantastic with movie with some breathtaking, heartpounding filming.
5/5 from Esther


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