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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Steve!!

I know, today was supposedt to be video day, but Birthdays are more important! Maybe ;)
Today is my dad's birthday. I know he doesn't read the blog, but I'm just doing this becuase I didn't get videos up. But I know his twin ( Justin Bebier, might be reading the blo- JOKING) His twins name is Leigh.
Happy Birthday Leigh!
Photo time of the old fart.
                                           Last year ( I think) Dad and I at the Zoo where we belong.

 Last year's Birthday for Dad.

                                                    Dad and I at the beach ( This year.)
                                     As some of you know, dad is a clown.

                                        Dad and I in Disneyland.
                                            Again, us in Disneyland.
                           We have more photos of dad, but Ijust wanted to show you some.
                 ~ Abby .k.


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