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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I have not been posting

2012 WOW it sounds so old but new! What new years  resolutions have you made? Our family is trying to be more healthy, That doesn't mean you can't eat sweets but you need to eat HEALTHY sweets like dates some times they are too sweet for me! sorry I have not been posting lately I have been busy with  youtube thinking " what to do next?" and my camera is not working but that will all stop soon because WE HAVE A WEB CAM!!! ( yay)  and I have been doing a lot of crafts, telling Eva she is cute, sneaking Esthers new HEALTHY cookies wait.... goes down stairs sneaks past Esther opens the lid " ABBY!"
 "Moooom...  Abby is  eating all my cookies!" , moans Esther. Abby goes back upstairs.

A note from Janice, this healthy stuff is great.  substitute date paste for sugar, substitute cauliflor or
butternut squash for butter, etc.  For more info go to
Esther's blog.


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