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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beethoven Lives Upstairs

My family and Toby ( my friend) got free tickets for Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's Beethoven Lives Upstairs through Event Horizon Planning, a homeschool group.
We got to do stations before the show.  The first one was conducting a 5 piece strings ensemble group. Children took turns .  Toby put on a fancy schmancy suitcoat with tails to conduct them. He had so much fun.
    Next was the instrument petting zoo.  Toby tried playing a trumpet.  He did better than all the other kids,
getting a nice sound out of the instrument with instructions from an expert.  I already had a cold and thought there might be too many germs passed around on this thing, although it was cleaned off between turns.
Next was the movement station.  It was fun seeing my former piano teacher there.
The craft was making a doorknocker that said "P" for piano and "F" for forte on the other.
The game was about matching facts from Beethoven's life.
      There were two actors ( one boy and one grown up man) who where reading letters, telling the story
of Christoff's frustrations with having Beethoven as a boarder upstairs in his house. The acting and costumes were suberb. My mom liked it when they threw paper everywhere.  ( kind of looked like our house?)The story was told using exerpts from Beethoven's music.  It was sad that he went deaf.
Interesting that he had 4 pianos and many people thought this genius was very strange!


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