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Thursday, January 19, 2012

MCIC Middle School Fair Trade Conference in Winnipeg

I got to go to a fair trade conference! It was very fun and you learned about fair trade and what it is. We were almost late because the roads where  very icy and mom had to drive very slow.
    When we got there I got a name tag and a book to write notes, then mom left and I sat at the table where the home schoolers where supposed to sit. There were snack bars bars and juice to eat before it started.
 When it started we watched a video about how chocolate is made then we played a game, that we made the chocolate. We learned how fair trade works for chocolate.
     It is a program where the farmers get a fair amount of money, the sellers pay a fair amount etc. For soccer balls we learned that some kids are forced to make the soccer balls and don't get the right amount of money for their work .
 In some countries  kids aren't allowed to make soccer balls, also the kids can't go to school if they are working all day. Did you know that a normal soccer ball takes 690 stitches to sew it up?  If a soccer ball just says "child labor free" they might be lying they need a fair trade stamp.
 But fair trade soccer balls are made a little differently. Children don't have to work and in some buildings they have a school for the kids and the moms can see their kids any time. If a 16 year old girl would like to make a soccer ball after school that is not child labor. This is what the two stamps look like       
This is the official logo and the fair trade certified may be used also.
In the official logo, you are guaranteed that no pesticides, no child labor and
that good conditions exist for the producer and seller.
After that our group learned how to use a video camera the RIGHT way.
We learned how to do closeups, and different angles.
Have a great day- Abby .k.


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