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Monday, December 12, 2011


I really loved playing this  dreidel game.Also the poato pancakes (latkes) were DELICIOUS and easy to eat, you do not need a fork to eat them ( because your fork breaks).IN the first picture I am pretending to eat some of the candy I won in the game.  In the second picture Esther and a friend are reading the hebrew letter on the dreidel, this tells you if you have won the whole pot, won nothing, share half, or  give one away. The letters together spell the phrase- a great miracle happened there.
(By Esther)As with Abby, a highlight of the day was the latkes. An interesting fact about how the driedel game originated: the Jews were forbidden to pray, so they used this game as a cover. It would look to Greek soldiers like a bunch of men gambling, when in reality they were praying.
Over the eight days Hanukkah is celebrated, frying food in oil holds great significance to Jews. It helps them remember that when they only had enough oil for one day, God made it last for eight. 
By Janice
I am organizing a series of Learning about Jewish Feast days for homeschoolers.  The first one was on Friday.  We had about 50 people for the presentation by John and Irene Plantz.  The Maccabees fought against the Greeks who wanted them to worship idols.  The Jewish temple was dececrated.  The Jews fought back, got their temple back and rededicated it.  This time became the feast of dedication which is mentioned in the Bible.  It's significance for Christians - Jesus is the Light of the World, do not let everything we believe in just be taken over or taken out .

by eva- the last two pictures show the dreidel spinners.  I know because they played this game at home.  Janice drops them on the floor and then I can see them.   They don't let me eat onions, potatoes or pancakes.  I stayed home and slept by the vent, I could not go but I'm glad they played it at home.  Abby wins every time.


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