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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Try Something New A Day Ep.: 8

This is another one of Esther's recipe's.
Sadly, I think we ate them all, and so I can't show you what they look like. But I'll tell you.
They're a brown muffin.
I usally don't like what Esther makes.
But when I tried this, and took a bite,,,,,,,,,,, I LOVED it. I almost finished the muffin. ( but then I had to go finish supper, and then I looked and could not find my half eaten muffin).
Esther calls them " Gingerbread muffins". They taste unhealthy. OH YUM! :)
This is something I'm glad I tried.
~ Abby .k.
  * Note From Abby's Mom, I ate the half eaten muffin - I thought it was my half eaten muffin!


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