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Monday, November 21, 2011

mad science energy field trip

 On November 17, I went to the  Mad science field trip  about Kinetic energy. We used Pocket rockets, boingy things, race cars and catapults to explain how energy means to do work. I liked our teacher because
she had lots of energy .She made jokes like comparing the tennis ball to a lazy teenager. She was really bad at aiming things, like one tennis ball to hit another.
WE had these yellow boongy things shaped like half circles.  When we turned them inside out, they went boing into the air.  We had a contest to see whose would go the furthest.  When we turned them that stored up potential energy.  When we released them this energy in motion is called kinetic energy. Then our groups were given race cars to try to find out how to get them to work. When we wrapped the elastic band around a peg sticking out this put potential energy into the car.  When we let go the kinetic energy was released and it started to move.We aimed ping pong balls put into mini catapults at buckets. Our team got three in the bucket! The catapult worked by pressing it down, when it was released this gave the ping pong ball the energy to sail through the air.  It was fun boinging balls and elastics!
Abby .k.  


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