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Friday, November 18, 2011

Grand Opening of the Assinboine Park Cafe

On Nov. 16, my dad and I went to the grand opening of the Assiniboine Park Cafe. I was invited because I won a Zoo membership, through an art contest.
We arrived in the evening.  There were beautiful lights on several of the huge evergreen trees.  We went by the duck pond.  The water shined and shimmered.  Half of the pond had a thin layer of ice.  I stepped in it, and quickly moved out.  We observed three families of ducks, including the adorable ducklings.
 When we came inside I heard jazz music.We put on name tags.  The organizers wore "ask me" name tags. I went into   the crafts room. .
 First of all I made a  bird feeder was  with a pinecone, bird butter, bird seed,and  yarn or string.
I put bird butter all over the pinecone, rolled it in the bird seed, and then tied the string on the top.It is very fragrant, smells like cinnamon and pine. (My mom loves it).
 Then my D.O.D. (dear old dad)and I  had a coloring contest. Daddy won:) Then I made a  bat man's mask out real leaves. The last thing that I made was, a plant  pot out of news paper, with  a Spider plant.
D.O.D. was listening to a boring talk by a man from Australia who is a zoo expert.  My dad liked it.
I went back to DOD and ate delicious cookies, that were shaped liked animals and decorated with colored icing. I ate six cookies and three jiuce boxes!!!! WOW!!!
 On a sugar rush, we climbed on a bus and went home.  When we got home I gave the rest of the cookies to Esther and her voice teacher Heather.They were delighted.


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