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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cabin Adventures

Last weekend my mom and my family (and me) went out to the cabin where I had my first encounter with lakes. And kayaks. My mom took me out on the lake. The lake was so still and calm and the day was hot. I was sitting on my mom's lap but decided that it was too boring so I climbed out on top of the kayak. That was nice. I pretended I was a figurehead. I stuck my nose into the wind and got lost in the moment. That's when I lost my balance and fell in. I was getting kinda hot anyways. I know how to swim. (that really surprised me!) But I also was wearing a lifejacket. I swam around and cooled off. I swam back to the kayak where my mom was laughing at me. I love to make her laugh :) I tried to get back into the kayak but couldn't. The sides were too slippery for me to get back in. I looked my cutest at my mom. She sighed "Eva, you're going to soak me!" she said. I let out a small whine. She reached over and picked me up. I comepletly soaked her. She paddled around for another ten minutes then I was starting to get hot again, so I jumped in. I repeated the whole process again. Mom rowed back to shore and I dried off then went to sleep. I had a fun time at the cabin. Here are some boating safety tips from my mom:
*Always have little dogs in lifejackets when you're boating. Your dog may be a good swimmer but little dogs can tire easily.
*Try to prevent your dog from drinking lake water. Blue-green algae can kill your dog and you never know what is in the lake.
*If it's a really hot day don't have your dog out on the lake for super long periods of time. The only way dogs can sweat is by panting and they can get overheated really fast. Stay close to shore ir have some form of shade and water along with you.
If you have any other tips, please comment!
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